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TCMA celebrates Greenwood Art Project Artists

"The Greenwood Art Project is an initiative of the 1921 Tulsa Massacre Centennial Commission. Its purpose is to add a cultural component to the many activities and programs the Centennial Commission will host during the centennial year.The goal of the Greenwood Art Project is to be a catalyst for uniting the city of Tulsa by working with artists, residents, leaders, organizations, and businesses to elevate awareness of Greenwood’s history, focusing on the 1921 Tulsa Massacre and the once thriving Black Wall Street. The Greenwood Art Project strives to create art that activates the community towards healing from our history, rebuilding, and re-cultivating Greenwood Avenue in the most beautiful and authentic way".

A diverse group of talent, the 30 G.A.P. grant recipients represent excellence in Artistry.

2020-12-30 16.59.27-4.jpg
Eaton Media Services 
Charles Cissel
Jimmy Friday
Michael Vaughn, 
Dr. Tiffany Crutcher 
TheRese Anderson-Aduni
Casey McLerran
Mary Williams
Dr. Courtney Skipper 
Ray Pearcey

Deborah J. Hunter      Underground Tree Studios
Katherine Mitchell
Kenesha Daniels

Tulsa Modern Movement

Ebony Iman Dallas

Yielbonzie Johnson        Tatyana Fazlalizadeh    Candace G. Wiley

Myiesha Gordon Beales

Jessica Harvey

Crystal Z Campbell  

Maybelle Wallace   

Anthony Curtis Brinkley

Derick Tinsley

L. Joi McCondichie

Sarah Ahmad

The Collaborative

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